Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Some Conclusions of DocMarCell

We can make this statement, without the shadow of a doubt, that humankind developed from destruction towards its inexorable autodestruction. This is our thesis to demonstrate. That looking from these days back, to the early days of diseases and wars, the concept of destruction is old-fashioned and it seems to be less demonic. What really scares us is the quickly spread of a brand new concept (its date of birth cannot be precisely established, but could be indicated arround the beginning of the XXth century). This new concept is AUTODESTRUCTION of the humankind and this is what we call the contemporary phase of development of the humankind. This is the baroque phase, the "summum" and beyond it we cannot foresee anything for the moment. The evil which affects humankind has now this shape. Who would have been the turning point from destruction to autodestruction, what would be the causes, and can we, nevertheless, foresee something after this autodestruction point in which we are stuck?

"The Conclusions" of DocMarCell are some of them based on true facts, some of them are visionary, some come from his subjective memory.

Everything is gathered in an archive of images that shouldn't be forget. This archive is a possible memory of humankind. A history of the Evil which affected it. And this archive contains probably the ideas about how would appear to be a new era to come.

The images of the archive, in the form of "print screens", illustrate the concept of destruction (human pandemic, war, terrorism) and the concept of autodestruction (DNA code manipulation, autoerasing of electronic information). All the history of human Evil from The Archaic, to The Modern Era, until this baroque Phase is intended to be illustrated in the course of development of this project.

One immediate conclusion comes at light: if destruction makes us think about macro structures, autodestruction would action especially at the cellular and informational level.

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